Whole Bean & Ground Coffee Tin (227g)

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  • Grind coffee, like the beans we use in our stores.
  • Refillable tin contains 227g of coffee, about 13 cups of coffee. 
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  • Our ground coffee is a general-purpose grind, which is suitable for all styles of filter coffee, (e.g. cafetiere, drip, V60, Aeropress), for best results we'd recommend grinding it yourself for espresso machines.
  • Organic whole bean coffee. Refillable Tin. Vegan.

We serve the Grind House Blend every day across London in all of our locations, in all coffees served with milk. With notes of chocolate, hazelnut and cream, the Grind House Blend cuts through milk to deliver a proper coffee punch.

If you're an espresso or a long black drinker - you'll already know our clean and fruity Light Blend. Our Light Blend is designed to work best without milk - It’s a little lighter than the Grind House Blend, with lighter floral notes to match that heady caffeinated kick.

If you take your coffee decaf - you'll already know our Decaf Blend. Like our House Blend, we roast it ourselves in London and serve it hundreds of times each week in our locations across the capital. Our Decaf Blend pods are designed to give the same Grind espresso kick, just without the caffeine.

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The Details

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Organic Coffee

Soil association certified 100% organic coffee, sourced and roasted by Grind in London. 

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Refillable Tin

Our pink tins are 100% recyclable. Ring pull sealed and nitrogen flushed for freshness. 


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