Introducing the Takeaway.

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The Takeaway has been created to share monthly all that is new at the Grind. Whether it's new openings, products or events, The Takeaway is where you'll read about it first. Every month, we'll give you the lowdown on what's going on at the Grind, what's to come, and feature our favourite photos from our Instagram followers. For this very first edition, we've photographs from @shoreditch, @zhangamamber and @scamprabbit26 so kudos to you guys, look mom I made it!



The Takeaway is evolving. We get it, you're tired, there's 30 emails already in your inbox from Pret, ASOS and the like. Let's just chill and get to know eachother while you enjoy a coffee.

We're changing the Takeaway for good. Less sales, more chat, with interviews, recipes and fun anecdotes to get your through Monday morning on the underground.