How to Style Your Coffee Station at Home.

Our top tips on how to style your at-home coffee station, bringing the look and feel of your favourite café to your kitchen.

You probably already know that we take coffee-from-home seriously. We want your at-home coffee station to have the same cosiness and warmth that you find in our Grind cafés, and for the coffee to be the same barista-quality. 

We first created the Grind-at-home range because we know that sometimes it’s nice to get your favourite coffee without leaving the house or encountering any kind of social interaction. In which case, it’s nice to have a kitchen that feels like your own café space, minus the queue and the strangers. 

We spoke to Noor Hassan, psychology teacher and interior designer, about why we love home coffee stations and her top tips on curating your own kitchen-come-café.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Home Coffee Station

In case you need persuading. 

1. Self-care

Incorporating a homemade coffee into your morning routine is a great way to slow down your morning. Making coffee is a ritual you perform every day, so use it as a chance to add some calm before you start your day.

2. New Skills

We’d obviously say this, but Noor agrees that there’s a science to making the perfect cup of coffee: finding out exactly how you like your brew, discovering which blend works best for which coffee, learning how to create latte art… these are all skills that you can develop with your home coffee station. 

3. More Sustainable

Noor is a big advocate for making our homes more sustainable. Shop-bought coffee often involves single-use waste, which ends up in landfill, whilst homemade coffees produce less waste (especially if you’re using Grind’s compostable coffee pods, which break down and disappear in weeks). 

4. Social Space

Your coffee station can become the heart of your home, a comfy space where you entertain guests and where you feel cosy. A freshly made coffee always goes down well, whether it’s for you or your loved ones. 

5. Money Saving

Particularly if you’re living in London, a shop-bought coffee can cost a small fortune. It’s a treat, it’s delicious, but if you want to drink multiple oat flat whites in a day from your favourite café then you’ll have to take out a mortgage. Homemade coffees cost a fraction of the price. 

5 Steps to Creating a Home Coffee Station

Noor’s top tips on bringing the café aesthetic to your kitchen. 

1. Choose a Space

Preferably a space with easily accessible storage for all your coffee paraphernalia (primarily, all of your Grind tins) and a space that can feel like a cosy hub in your home.

2. Clean Your Space

Tidy coffee station, tidy mind. You can’t appreciate your coffee and your at-home café if it’s messy. Take pride in your station.

3. Get the Tools

By tools, we mean high-quality coffee equipment. By high-quality coffee equipment, we mean the Grind One Machine and matching Milk Frother, both made from polished stainless steel for a clean, minimal, and sleek design. 

4. Stock up on Coffee

It goes without saying that there’s no point in having such a carefully-curated coffee station without great coffee to drink. We’d always recommend stocking up on a range of blends, strengths, and flavours so that you’re prepared for any coffee-drinking mood at any time of the day. It’s why we have our compostable coffee pods in a range of 12 different blends . 

5. Personalise Your Station

Make your setup your own by decorating with your favourite mugs, your favourite Grind tins, some art, and a house plant for good measure. If you want to upgrade to the next level, our House Blend Candle was created for this very purpose. 

It’s Time to Curate Your Space

It’s official: you’re ready. Let’s get you set up: