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Using Grind home-compostable pods at home

Our coffee pods are designed to work in original Nespresso® compatible coffee pod machines, but they work the best in our Grind One.

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Moka Pot.

An absolutely classic piece of design that also makes amazing coffee! It's how our coffee guru, Howey, prefers to make his at the weekend.


Originating in Italy, it's the only brewing method that uses high pressured water to create your brew.


The Aeropress is fast, simple to use, and can make both filter and espresso-style coffee.

French Press.

Classic, timeless, and one of the oldest, most reliable ways of brewing filter coffee at home.


Perfect for those who enjoy the meditative routine of making a morning cup.

Grind Recipes

Take a look at all of our wonderful Grind Recipes and recreate the delight of visiting Grind in your own home (well...almost as good!)

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Our pods and packaging are home-compostable and plastic-free.

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