Grind x Poppy Crew.

Grind x Poppy Crew.

In 2019, we launched our first Grind compostable pods. Made from plants and compatible with your Nespresso® machine, we spent months in our London roastery working on a few blends to help people make better, more sustainable coffee at home.

Three years later, we’ve prevented over 55 tonnes of aluminium going to landfill. In fact, someone uses a compostable Grind pod instead of an aluminium pod every 2.4 seconds.

To celebrate, we’ve collaborated with illustrator and tattoo artist Poppy Crew, on a limited edition Grind tin. The first in a series celebrating the most sustainable pods on the planet, the tin is inspired by the natural composting process our pods go through in weeks - whether you put them on your compost heap or food waste - or just chuck them in your bin.

Poppy’s bold, distinctive style is the perfect match for us. You could call it the oat milk to our flat white. We love her cute, creative approach to the tin design - a playful take on a topic we take very seriously. And unlike Poppy’s tattoos, our pods disappear in weeks! We stopped by Poppy's home and studio to chat about work as an artist and our new collab...


How do you get inspired when working on a new illustration?

I head outside. I find getting out of the house to sit and draw somewhere in a new environment really helps me to stay curious and find inspiration in things around me.

We love love love your Grind tin illustration, tell us more about it.

The collaboration really made sense to me as my work is inspired by nature, which fitted really nicely with Grind’s home-compostable coffee pods and their work towards looking after our planet just a little bit better. Nature is a huge source of inspiration because one of my main aims with my work is to portray a sense of peace and calm - many of my illustrations subtly focus on themes of mental health, both my own and people in general.

Your go-to playlist in the studio?

I listen to a playlist called ‘is it new wave?'' - its my go-to pretty much everyday - it's get me ready for the day whether I'm working at home, or on the bus to the studio.

Your tattoos are very cool, where will you next be popping up for anyone wanting to get their tattoo fix?

I’m gonna be doing a couple days in Brighton very soon and I’m always popping up to London for a few days a month too, soon to be full-time at ‘PRJC-T London’, once I move there in December! So you'll find me in hackney a lot.

Obviously we have to ask this one! Favourite coffee?

Genuinely Grind coffee pods if I'm making coffee at home! I owned some before the collab, so I was really excited to work on this project already being a fan of the brand. My go to is a latte or black coffee depending on the day and how productive I need to be.

Get your own limited edition Grind x Poppy Crew now on our website here.