Behind the Grind.

10 minutes with our Head Roaster, Howie.

It's been almost a year since we brought the roasting of our Grind House Blend home to our roastery in Shoreditch. Today, we thought we'd take a look behind the scenes, and talk to Head Roaster Howard Gill about the day-to-day of roasting the Grind House Blend.

Following a degree in Natural Sciences, it could be said that Howey took the natural next step of starting a band, and getting a job in a coffee shop. Since then, he’s made coffee across the country, roasted a whole lot of the Grind House Blend, and started several other bands. Today, he’s at work on in our Shoreditch roastery, where he and Head of Coffee Sam Trevethyen taste, select and roast the coffee before it’s packed and shipped around London.