Which? Magazine awards our coffee pods a 'Best Buy' 2019.

We think it would have been rude for Which? Magazine to not include us in their round-up of Best compostable coffee pods on the market but we're still completely humbled to have been given a 'Best Buy' award for the 'Best Eco-friendly Coffee Pods' category.

A little bit of jargon-busting for you:

Bio-Degradable Materials

  • These disintegrate in soil, water, or air over time. That doesn't mean they will decompose quickly - wood products are biodegradable, but it takes many years for wood to break down.

Compostable Products

  • These are also biodegradable, but to be deemed compostable, the EU standard for composting has various requirements, including that after 12 weeks, at least 90% of the product should have disintegrated enough to fit through a 2mm sieve. 


Grind House Blend Coffee Pods, 83%!!!

“Our Verdict: This toasty, flavoursome coffee has a good cream that re-forms after stirring. One expert picked up notes of malted biscuit and a hint of Brazil nut, while another complimented this coffee on the smooth, rich aftertaste."

Read more: https://www.which.co.uk/news/2019/04/best-compostable-coffee-pods-for-2019/