The Grind Guide to Composting.


Where Did Ice You can do it, we believe in you.

Did you know that Grind coffee pods were the first in the UK to be certified home-compostable? And that’s quite a big deal, so it’s okay to brag about it.

Grind pods will naturally break down in weeks, unlike most plastic and aluminium coffee pods which take centuries to break down, continuously contaminating the environment as they go.

But, a lot of you have been asking how to compost your coffee pods, so we asked our friend and eco-enthusiast Riyadh Khalaf to break down (pun intended) the entire process for us.

    Step 1. 

    It may come as a shock, but you’re going to need a compost bin. If it’s a new one, find a spot in your garden and fill it with all things organic and delicious like grass, weeds, leaves, vegetable waste, and twigs. Then put it where it will get the most of the UK’s occasional sun.

    Step 2.

    (the best step).

    Make yourself a coffee with a Grind pod.

    Step 3.

    Put your used coffee pod in the centre of your compost bin and it will start to break down all on its own. Just make sure your compost is getting enough oxygen. If it doesn’t get enough oxygen, it can produce methane. We’d like to avoid that.

    Step 4. 

    Your pod should disappear in around 180 days, enriching the soil as it goes with a substance called humus. Sadly, this isn’t the same as your favourite dip. Mature compost will be dark brown and soil-like in texture, and you can put this to good use as a great natural fertiliser for your potted plants.