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The Grind Summer Tour

The summer of 2024 is going to be our best yet. Why? Because we’re driving our iconic pink truck around the country to give out thousands of iced coffee cans for free.

We’ll be stopping at seven different UK cities to sample our range of ready-to-drink iced coffee cans, play some iced coffee can bowling, and get people in our iced coffee ice bath. 

If you can’t tell, we’re really big on iced coffee. We’re making it the main event. 

Grind's Great British Road Trip

Where to find us with our gazebo, ice bath, and truck filled with free iced coffee. 

12/6 Oxford, Westgate - Leiden Square
Bristol, Anchor Square
15/6 York, Parliament Square
16/6 Sheffield, Barkers Pool
18/6 Edinburgh, Castle Street
20/6 Leeds, Briggate
21/6 Manchester, New Cathedral Street

Why Should I Come Visit?

Because free iced coffee? Not sure why you would need more of a reason than that, but if you must know, our iced coffee cans aren’t just any iced coffee cans: we make them great by slow-steeping our signature, speciality-grade House Blend coffee in cool water. We then add natural, delicious ingredients to craft different flavour varieties.  

Also, we’re a really nice bunch of people and we’ve worked really hard to find an excuse to go on an all-expenses-paid road trip. 

What's on the Menu?

Five flavours, for however you like your coffee. Inspired by café favourites. 

Iced Long Black: Our signature blend, slow-steeped in cool water. Neat. 
Iced Caramel Latte: Sweet, smooth, refreshing. A classic flavour combination. 
Iced Flat White: An iconic drink but cooler with intense flavour and a dash of milk.
Iced Mocha: A refreshing iced brew with milk chocolatey goodness. 
Iced Oat Latte: Our signature blend with creamy, dairy-free oat milk.

All our cans have two shots of speciality coffee to give you a cool, café-worthy caffeine kick on-the-go.

Made in London, Driven in a Pink Truck to a City Near You.

We ethically source our coffee from sustainable, small-scale farms around the world before it’s expertly roasted by us every day in our London roastery. 

Join us in celebrating one of life’s greatest pleasures. See you in the ice bath.