Our 2021 round-up.

In such uncertain times and deja vu, we thought it would be good to look back on all of the good bits from 2021, and leave out the bad stuff.

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In such uncertain times and deja vu, we thought it would be good to look back on all of the good bits from 2021, and leave out the bad stuff.


We've made it through another strange year, and as we write this, Christmas is only a couple of days away and the lull between the holiday and New Year's Eve is just around the corner.

You're going to be bored, stuffed with cheese, and fed up of the family traditions by now so we thought we'd give you a little break in this week's Takeaway. A little light relief between the doom scrolling and celebrating to have a little Grind time.


The first month started with a ban(g).Trump got banned from Twitter.

The drama surrounding Trump losing the election was much juicier than any KUWTK episode and the social media ban that followed was definitely a highlight to our year. Genuinely though, we hope the social media detox did him the good that every mental health and wellness guru says it will - even if we do miss the staff room gossip.


February and March were a myth.

Nothing to see here, we literally waited for Lockdown 3.0 to end and the sun to come out.


In April we raised £4,450 for Hospitality in Action's Invisible Chips.


In May, we got to switch up the Grind menu for the first time in a while.


Priscilla joined the team at Old Spitalfields Market, she's a Gemini.

Our first Grind truck, Penelope, found her forever home at Soho Farm House but you can now find her sibling, Priscilla, at Old Spitalfields Market serving our fresh coffee daily. 

Priscilla loves people watching, impromptu photoshoots and making people smile so be sure to pay her a visit next time you're in East London.

The Grind truck at Old Spitalfields Market

In July, we really thought it was coming home.

and so we got two big screens and put them up at Liverpool Street Grind and London Bridge Grind to watch the match with our favourite customers. 

Alas we didn't win, but we did drink copious amounts of beer and got to see all of our friends during the peak of summer - priceless.

With International expansion on the horizon, we secured a £22m investment in August.


September flew by, and we spent most of it on TikTok.

Steve Buscemi 'how do you do fellow kids' meme

Grind got on TikTok, and unfortunately that meant researching trends day-in and day-out for our Social Media and Creative teams. We've left some of our favourite creators below for you to enjoy.


October 28th, we celebrated our tenth Birthday. 

...and launched our very own book, Grind: A guide to Modern City Living at the same time. We celebrated in style with a party at London Bridge Grind which like any good event, you just had to be there. Some of our highlights included an appearance by Rochelle Humes and entertainment from The Mariachis and drag queen, Sue Gives A F*ck!. Press play to watch our after-video.


November was all about growth!

We welcomed so many new members to the HQ team this year and in November, we finally grew out of our office sofa area (the picture below, that's not even half of us!)

Image of the Grind brand team in the office.Left to right: Emma - Office Manager, Frankie - Growth Manager, Ted - Chief Marketing Officer, Milo - Executive Assistant, Lily - Graphic Design Assistant, Maddie - Customer Experience Representative, Antonia - Communications Manager, Natasha - Design and Production Assistant.

...and now it's December.

and we'd like to say a big Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our fans and customers, we really wouldn't be here without you.

If BoJo says so, we'd love to see in the New Year with you at Greenwich or London Bridge Grind - tap here to check out our New Year's Eve packages.

Here's to twenty twenty two.