How to make Grind coffee scrub at home.

Taking some time out to think about our impact on Zero Waste Week - Here's something you can do with waste coffee grounds at home.

First things first, you're going to need ingredients:
- 1/2 cup / 64g used Grind coffee grounds
- 1/4 cup / 32g pink Himalayan salt
- 1/4 cup / 32g coconut oil
- Drops of rose extract or vanilla

It's pretty simple AF.

Just take each of the ingredients and pour them into a bowl, stir until completely mixed together.
- You can add more grounds depending on how coarse you want the scrub to be. 

Once it's all mixed, decant it into a reusable jar/pot of your choice.
We used one from Lush Cosmetics, they are already made from recycled plastics.

For Zero Waste Week we're thinking about how our products effect the environment and how to be less wasteful. Your used coffee grounds can be used to make lip scrubs and body scrubs without throwing anything in the bin.

You can buy our house blend ground coffee, here.