Hot Tips for the Grind Cold Brew Bottle

We asked our Head of Coffee Howey to give us his expert tips on brewing cold coffee at home with our brand new Cold Brew Bottle.

“OK, so here's the thing: cold-brewing is SO DAMN EASY! All you need is time.

…Well, ideally some scales too. We recommend 50g of ground coffee (that's 7 tablespoons) to 1 litre of water. So put in your ground coffee, pour the cold water on top and just leave it!

15 hours works well for me, but even 6-8 can taste good according to our head roaster Adela (who makes these every day).

Make it even more amazing:

  1. Grind your beans just before brewing for the freshest flavour.

  2. Use filtered water (it has more space in its chemistry to absorb tasty things from the grounds!)

  3. Go for a light roast (we recommend our Editions) as cold brewing brings out all those fancy delicate flavours so well.

  4. Add a little more coffee / less water to make a concentrate, then pour over ice, which will dilute it to the perfect level, especially if the weather is warm.

Experiment with recipes! Try adding a little boiling water, stirring and then adding cold. Try leaving it for 48 hours, try leaving it on a record player so it spins overnight, and let us know how it goes!"