Grind supports Invisible Chips.

Invisible Chips are a simple way for you to help the people in hospitality whose livelihoods are disappearing. We've added them to our menus and checkout online to enable our customers and guests to give back and help the hospitality industry through the lockdown.

What is it?
This year has been one hello of a ride, for us and for many others in the hospitality industry, that's why Hospitality Action put together Invisible Chips as a simple way for you to help the people whose livelihoods are sadly disappearing due to coronavirus.

Invisible Chips is a great initiative supported by tons of great people and restaurants including Heston Blumenthal, Fred Sirieix, Tom Kerridge, Gaucho, Brewdog and Hawksmoor.

How can I help?
You can order 'Invisible Chips' or 'Invisible Toast' from our menus - or even in the checkout on our website - to donate the equivalent value to Invisible Chips and Hospitality Action.

You can find out loaaaads more about Hospitality Action and their initiative Invisible Chips, here