Cooking with Grind: It's a Breakfast Burrito, baby.

One of our personal favourites, The Breakfast Burrito. We miss serving the food, just as much as you miss eating it. So during isolation, we've put together some simplified versions of our very own recipes for you to make at home.

45g (1) Sausage
40g (1) Bacon
20g Cheese - your call.
40g Red pepper
3x Eggs, scrambled
3g Coriander (or whatever you've got at home)
1x 12” Tortilla
1/4 Avocado
40g Spinach

How to make it:
- Dice sausage, bacon and pepper and add to a preheated pan. (use alternatives is vegan/veggie)
- Heat the wrap in the microwave for 5 seconds to soften!

- Place the spinach and the avocado (sliced) into the center of the wrap and season.
- Add scrambled egg and cheese to the pan and mix with the sausage, bacon, and pepper.
- Top the spinach and avocado with the scrambled egg mix
- Roll the burrito up, making sure to tuck the corners in first!
- Enjoy.