A New Grind HQ & Roastery.

A brand new HQ, expect bigger, better things.

When we launched our crowdfunding campaign last summer, we promised to build a state-of-the-art coffee roastery to supply coffee to our locations, and to our friends around London, and having raised £1.3m, we've now done just that. We saw everything from disused taxi repair shops to fashion showrooms, but in the end found just what we were looking for on our doorstep in Shoreditch - a warehouse space that, remarkably, was originally built for coffee storage in 1895. Next door to Vice's London HQ, and a few minutes walk from Shoreditch Grind, we think we've found our forever home for Grind HQ.

Today, Head Roaster Howard works with Sam, our Head of Coffee, to taste, select, and roast the coffee before it’s packed and shipped around London, twice a week. Around the world, coffee is harvested at different times of year - so Howard and Sam work closely with a team of boutique importers, guaranteeing fair pay to farmers, as well as investing in projects to improve the communities that we rely so much on.