A coffee date with... Jaz

Another coffee date edition to 'The Takeaway': we'll be introducing you to some of the Grind team so that you can find out more about the brains behind the brand. Today we'll head over to our Social Media and Content Lead, Jasmine Dye.

It's time to get intimate with the Grind team in our new series 'A coffee date with...'


Hey Jaz, why don't you introduce yourself...

Hi, I’m Jaz and I’m the Social and Content Lead at Grind, you may have already seen my face on Tiktok but everything you see on Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok - that's me tapping away.



How long have you worked at Grind?

I’m one of the golden oldies in terms of the Grind at Home business as I was here long before our online coffee when Grind was a humble micro-chain of espresso bars and restaurants. It will be my fourth anniversary in July!



Tell us about the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you at work…

During that crazy heatwave of 2019, I ran a lifestyle shoot in Notting Hill at an Airbnb location. My colleague, Frankie, was trying to carry a bean-to-cup machine up the stairs and it fell out of the bottom of the box, all I heard was a huge crash and pelted it downstairs to check if she was okay (thankfully yes!!)

…Unfortunately, the upstairs door was a fire door and slammed behind me so we were stranded, locked outside for hours in the blistering heat with a model and no phones or laptops to call for help. We ended up logging into our emails on the model’s phone to track down the Airbnb owner, it was really stressful and embarrassing at the time but now we just laugh about it!



What would you do if you were Prime Minister for a day?

Quit, no thanks, too much pressure.



Tell us your favourite dish at Grind?

Bit of a tough one as my favourite dish was discontinued, the Mushroom Lasagne, Kyle!! How could you do me dirty like that?

Fortunately, the recipe is in our Grind Book, A Modern Guide to City Living so perhaps I’ll give that a go.



Do you think you could make it without the recipe?

The last time I made sweet potato cakes at home it came out pretty well so I’m assuming that with a little bit of patience the lasagne can be conquered - we’ll see though.



What's your favourite song to sing in the shower?

I’m not really a shower-singer, but post-work drinks, headphones in alone I’ve got to admit that Etta James - At Last makes a frequent appearance.



What's your favourite TV show of all time? 

Tough call. Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs - there’s just something so nostalgic about it for me. Although some of the jokes haven’t aged well. 

Actual grown-up television shows? Line of Duty - every time.



If you could swap lives with anybody for a day, who would it be?

That depends on whether I get to be me, but in their life, or actually live and think as they do.

If it’s the first I think I’d enjoy being Lily Allen or Rihanna, and if it’s the latter definitely my boyfriend, I just think that would be hilarious.



Name three songs you currently can't stop playing...

Quite weird but…

  • Down Under Remix - Luude
  • Lost in the Fire - The Weeknd
  • Anything by Marc Rebillet, he’s my *flavour of the month*



Any last words…

Pro tip: Don’t buy the expensive pesto hummus from Marks & Spencers, buy regular hummus and add pesto at home.