A coffee date with... Aaron

We caught up with Aaron, our Mobile Events Manager, to find out where you might be spotting a Grind van in the very near future...


How are you doing?

Doing great and having fun in the role! The Grind team are all somehow interesting and well-rounded people, so I’m settling in well.


Obviously, we have to start with this. What’s your go-to coffee order?

A short Americano, House Blend, black.


Keeping it simple, nice. I’ve heard you’ve got lots in the pipeline with our fleet of Grind vans, can you tell us more?

You’ll be able to find us around London (and the UK) throughout summer. Be sure to look out for us right by the London eye, from May at the year-long multi-event festival Between the Bridges. Any gym fanatics who want to get a quick buzz before an insane spin class at 1Rebel in Hammersmith can grab a coffee from our truck outside by the end of March. Keep an eye out for more dates and locations from our social media channels!


Can’t wait to spot them around London over the next few months!

Aaron: Can’t wait to get them out there! You’ll see me standing by the truck with an espresso martini during the music events in Southbank if you want to catch me for a chat.


Tell us about three songs you currently can’t stop playing...

That’s a hard one… 20 Karat Jesus by Freddie Gibbs, Cookie Crumble by Phony People and Bumpin by SHA MAN.


If you could swap lives with anybody for a day, who would it be?

Kim Jong Un, so I know what it feels like to be an unhinged tyrant. Not just in the age of empires 2.


Last words? A quote, any advice you’d like to give?

“We may sometimes feel that we can’t do much as individuals, but humanity is made up of individuals; together we can make a difference.” - Dalai Lama