30 Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods - Decaf image

30 Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods - Decaf

30 home-compostable decaf coffee pods.

Three boxes of ten decaf pods packed into our letterbox-friendly boxes. 

Our home-compostable pods are compatible with your original style Nespresso® Machine or with our Grind Pod Machine.

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Our pods are made from plants.

We were the first in the UK to have certified home-compostable pods. They're made from plants and will biodegrade faster than a banana peel.

30 home-compostable coffee pods to refill your Grind tin - three boxes of ten pods packed into our letterbox-friendly boxes.

Our home-compostable pods are compatible with your original style Nespresso® machine or with our Grind One machine.

Get a free Grind tin with your first order - applied automatically to your basket.

Doing good means getting better, and we're pleased to introduce our next generation of pods - the first in the UK to be certified home-compostable.

Our new and improved pods now break down faster, in your food waste bin or even your garden compost. We've also made some big improvements to our blends, for an espresso that's richer and fuller-bodied.

Certified home-compostable.

The UK's first certified home-compostable coffee pods that will disappear faster than garden grass cuttings. Find out how to compost at home here.

Plastic and aluminium free.

Plastic and aluminum coffee pods take hundreds of years to break down. Grind coffee pods are made from PHA, which uses only organic matter, meaning they don't stick around: they're completely biodegradable.

Staying fresh.

Our pods don't allow oxygen through like other plant-based pods. Instead, an oxygen barrier keeps your coffee fresh for months - without losing its flavour or quality.

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The Flavour Range is Here.

Available in Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel , we've combined our signature Shoreditch House Blend with a subtle sweetness. No more syrups, just one pod wonders.

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The Decaf Blends

House Blend Decaf capsule

House Blend Decaf

The same chocolate sweetness as our house blend, just without the caffeine.

    • Mexico flag Mexico
  • Dark chocolate Raisins Brown sugar
  • Volluto Decaf capsule Volluto Decaf
Dark Blend Decaf capsule

Dark Blend Decaf

The same kick as our dark blend, just without the caffeine.

    • Honduras flag Honduras
    • Mexico flag Mexico
  • Dark chocolate Hazelnuts Honeycomb Liquorice Raisins Malt
  • Firenze Arpeggio Decaf capsule Firenze Arpeggio Decaf

Frequently Asked Questions

Decaf coffee is made from coffee beans that have had at least 97% of their caffeine removed. This process is usually done using water and organic solvents. Coffee beans are washed in the solvent until the caffeine has been extracted, and then the solvent is removed.

We use the Mountain Water Process to decaffeinate our bean and ground coffee, which involves immersing the coffee beans in water at varying temperatures and pressure in order to extract the caffeine. No chemicals are used, and a filtering process maintains the beans' characteristic flavours.

If you already have a home compost you can throw your pods straight in (once they've been used, obviously) and they'll take care of themselves, enriching the soil as they decompose. You can find out more info on how to home compost here.

Even if you don't have a home compost, putting our pods in your general waste bin is still far better for the environment than plastic and aluminium pods, and they'll still disappear without a trace.

We make it simple: you just have to tell us how much coffee you drink, and how you like to drink it, and we'll deliver it to your door as often as you like.

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