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Bulk Box of Compostable Coffee Pods

Buy coffee pods in bulk with the Grind bulk box of Nespresso® compatible pods. With 100 compostable coffee pods, this bulk buy box is perfect for coffee lovers. Stock up and enjoy your favourite coffee blend from our range including our signature House Blend, Light, Dark and Decaf blends.

Buy our home-compostable coffee pods in bulk today and never run low on coffee, or try out our different types of Grind coffees including bean and ground coffee.

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Our pods are made from plants.

We were the first in the UK to have certified home-compostable pods. They're made from plants and will biodegrade faster than a banana peel.

100 home-compostable coffee pods to refill your Grind tin.

Our home-compostable pods are compatible with your original style Nespresso® machine or with our Grind One machine.

Get a free Grind tin with your first order - applied automatically to your basket.

Doing good means getting better, and we're pleased to introduce our next generation of pods - the first in the UK to be certified home-compostable.

Our new and improved pods now break down faster, in your food waste bin or even your garden compost. We've also made some big improvements to our blends, for an espresso that's richer and fuller-bodied.

Certified home-compostable.

The UK's first certified home-compostable coffee pods that will disappear faster than garden grass cuttings. Find out how to compost at home here.

Plastic and aluminium free.

Plastic and aluminum coffee pods take hundreds of years to break down. Grind coffee pods are made from PHA, which uses only organic matter, meaning they don't stick around: they're completely biodegradable.

Staying fresh.

Our pods don't allow oxygen through like other plant-based pods. Instead, an oxygen barrier keeps your coffee fresh for months - without losing its flavour or quality.

The Flavour Range is Here.

Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel are now available in our tins and smaller refill packs. No more syrups, just one pod wonders. We've combined in our signature Shoreditch House Blend with a subtle sweetness.

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Meet our blends

House Blend capsule

House Blend

Our signature Shoreditch blend, designed to make the perfect flat white.

    • Brazil flag Brazil
    • Guatemala flag Guatemala
  • Milk chocolate Almonds Cacao nibs Walnuts
  • Venezia capsule Venezia
Light Blend capsule

Light Blend

A lighter roast and more complex flavour profile designed for espressos and long blacks.

    • Ethiopia flag Ethiopia
    • Peru flag Peru
  • Vanilla Red apple Brazil nuts Cocoa powder
  • Volutto capsule Volutto
Dark Blend capsule

Dark Blend

An old-school dark roast, packing loads of bittersweetness.

    • Brazil flag Brazil
    • India flag India
    • Uganda flag Uganda
  • Raw cacao Walnuts Black treacle Burnt sugar
  • Arpeggio capsule Arpeggio
Edition Dark capsule

Edition Dark

A single origin coffee, designed to showcase the inherent flavour character of Indian coffee.

    • India flag India
  • Dark chocolate Tobacco
  • Master Origin India capsule Master Origin India
Edition Light capsule

Edition Light

A single origin coffee, designed to showcase the inherent flavour character of Ethiopian coffee.

    • Ethiopia flag Ethiopia
  • Green apple Vanilla Lime
  • Master Origin Ethiopia capsule Master Origin Ethiopia
Extra Dark Blend capsule

Extra Dark Blend

Our strongest, darkest and most bittersweet blend.

    • DR Congo flag DR Congo
    • Uganda flag Uganda
  • Raw cacao Cedar wood Marshmallow Brown sugar Tobacco Dark chocolate
  • Ristretto capsule Ristretto
House Blend Decaf capsule

House Blend Decaf

The same kick as our house blend, just without the caffeine.

    • Mexico flag Mexico
  • Dark chocolate Raisins Brown sugar
  • Volluto decaf capsule Volluto decaf
Dark Blend Decaf capsule

Dark Blend Decaf

The same kick as our dark blend, just without the caffeine.

    • Honduras flag Honduras
    • Mexico flag Mexico
  • Dark chocolate Hazelnuts Honeycomb Liquorice Raisins Malt
  • Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio Decaffeinato capsule Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio Decaffeinato

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Buy coffee in-store, on our website or through the Grind app to earn points towards free coffee vouchers. It's simple, spend £1, get 1 point. 35 points gets you 1 free coffee.

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pods' worth of ocean-bound plastic so far today.

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