Great coffee,
doing good.

Compostable coffee pods filled with Grind organic coffee, for your Original style Nespresso® machine. Build your customised, flexible plan with us today and get your first order for £6.50, £13.50


The coffee in our pods is certified organic by the Soil Association and ethically sourced from sustainable farms around the world.


Compostable pods, totally free from nasty plastics. We deliver every order carbon-positive - that's 40,000 trees protected, and counting!

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Get your Grind tin, and then refill it - with refill boxes that are letterbox-friendly and free from plastic.

A small change, a big difference.

29,000 plastic and aluminium pods go to landfilll every minute. When composted, Grind coffee pods break down in weeks - but even in landfill they'll break down hundreds of times faster than their plastic or aluminium cousins.