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Our coolest drop yet

Our all-new line of ready-to-drink iced coffees-features our signature house blend, slow-steeped in cold water and crafted into five unique varieties.

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Grind pods

  • Better for the planet Home-compostable pods, free from plastic
  • Speciality-grade coffee Ethically sourced, speciality-grade coffee
  • An independent British business Based in Shoreditch, London
  • Carbon-positive shipping Shipped free when you subscribe
  • 30 pods for £13.50 per month With your first box for £9.95
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Nespresso®'s Pods

  • Plastic and aluminium pods With 29,000 pods going to landfill every minute
  • Lower quality coffee Non-speciality grade coffee
  • Owned by Nestlé A Swiss conglomerate
  • Free delivery with 100 pods £4.95 standard delivery
  • 30 pods for £20 per month For a 30 pod Vertuo® subscription that is not compatible with your original style Nespresso® machine
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New blends

Meet our blends

House Blend capsule

House Blend

Our signature Shoreditch blend, designed to make the perfect flat white.

    • Brazil flag Brazil
    • Guatemala flag Guatemala
  • Milk chocolate Almonds Cacao nibs Walnuts
  • Venezia capsule Venezia
Light Blend capsule

Light Blend

The lighter roast and more complex flavour profile designed for espressos and long blacks.

    • Ethiopia flag Ethiopia
    • Peru flag Peru
  • Vanilla Red apple Brazil nuts Cocoa powder
  • Volluto capsule Volluto
Dark Blend capsule

Dark Blend

An old-school dark roast, packing loads of bittersweetness.

    • Brazil flag Brazil
    • India flag India
    • Uganda flag Uganda
  • Raw cacao Walnuts Black treacle Burnt sugar
  • Arpeggio capsule Arpeggio
Decaf capsule


    • Mexico flag Mexico
  • Dark chocolate Raisins Brown sugar
  • Volluto Decaf capsule Volluto Decaf
Long Blend capsule

Long Blend

A twist on our house blend, designed to be enjoyed long.

    • Brazil flag Brazil
    • Guatemala flag Guatemala
  • Brazil nuts Dark chocolate Vanilla Walnuts
  • Lungo Stockholm capsule Lungo Stockholm
Edition Dark capsule

Edition Dark

A single origin coffee, designed to showcase the inherent flavour character of Indian coffee.

    • India flag India
  • Dark chocolate Tobacco
  • Master Origin India capsule Master Origin India
Edition Light capsule

Edition Light

A single origin coffee, designed to showcase the inherent flavour character of Ethiopian coffee.

    • Ethiopia flag Ethiopia
  • Green apple Vanilla Lime
  • Master Origin Ethiopia capsule Master Origin Ethiopia
Hazelnut capsule

Hazelnut New

All the flavour of our signature House Blend, with the added toasty, buttery sweetness of hazelnuts.

    • Brazil flag Brazil
    • Guatemala flag Guatemala
  • Milk chocolate Hazelnut Almond Raw cacao
Caramel capsule


All the flavour of our signature House Blend, with the added heavy, malty sweetness of caramel.

    • Brazil flag Brazil
    • Guatemala flag Guatemala
  • Milk chocolate Almond Caramel Raw cacao
  • Barista Creations Caramello capsule Barista Creations Caramello
Vanilla capsule


All the flavours of our signature House Blend, with the added complex, fruity sweetness of vanilla.

    • Brazil flag Brazil
    • Guatemala flag Guatemala
  • Milk chocolate Almond Vanilla Walnut Raw cacao
  • Barista Creations Vaniglia capsule Barista Creations Vaniglia
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plastic pods will be removed from the ocean in 2023
(thats 64,000 kilos of plastic every year)

The Better Coffee Foundation®

Sustainability has always been at the core of everything we do at Grind and so we're excited to announce the launch of our charitable Foundation, the Better Coffee Foundation®, setup to begin reversing some of the damage caused by the wider coffee industry.

We're removing the equivalent of more than 100,000 plastic pods from the ocean every day.

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on the planet.

The UK's first certified home-compostable coffee pods that will decompose quicker than garden grass cuttings. Find out how to compost at home here

Made from PHA, every single pod is biodegradable.

Our pods don't allow oxygen through like other plant-based pods. Instead, an oxygen barrier keeps your coffee fresh for months - without losing its flavour or quality.

We've been serving flat whites across London since before you could instagram them.

Our coffee Beans are still roasted in our Roastery in London.

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