Silver Espresso Martini Gift Set image

Silver Espresso Martini Gift Set

It should come as no surprise that we take espresso martinis very seriously. This is a gift set for aspiring mixologists, or for people who simply appreciate the world's best cocktail. 

What's inside?
  • A cocktail shaker set and matching silver Grind tin. 
  • Your choice of either 20 Nespresso®-compatible compostable coffee pods in a mix of blends, or a 227g bag of our House Blend Ground Coffee.
  • Absolut Vodka 50ml bottles.
  • A 40g pouch of coffee beans for garnishing. 
  • A limited-edition Grind tote bag.



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Make it personal.

Personalise your gift by adding a bespoke message to your Grind tin.

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How to make an Espresso Martini

STEP 1 - Add the espresso, vodka and sugar syrup into your shaker.

STEP 2 - Fill with ice and shake vigorously, it'll take ten seconds with a good shake - you'll know, because there'll be a creamy head on it when you peek inside the shaker.

STEP 3 - Double-strain into a chilled champagne coupe.

STEP 4 - Garnish with three coffee beans to serve.

Espresso martinis taste best with Grind coffee. Every Gift set comes with your choice of Grind Coffee.