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Nespresso® Compatible

Our Nespresso® compatible pods make any machine more sustainable.

Home-compostable pods
Our pods are made from plants and, once squeezed, will biodegrade faster than a banana peel.
Free refillable tin
Made using recyclable aluminium, because great coffee deserves a great home.
The Better Coffee Foundation®
With our charitable foundation, we’re recovering ocean-bound plastic with every product we sell.
Grind x Shantell Matin tin with 30 compostable pods.
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Not only do you save money, time, and the planet when you sign up for regular Grind deliveries, but you’ll also get our new limited-edition tin for free.

Nespresso® Compatible Pods
Home-compostable pods
Speciality grade coffee
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Get started for £9.95

Reasons to buy Grind?
We could name a few.

Grind pods

  • Better for the planet Home-compostable pods, free from plastic
  • Speciality-grade coffee Ethically sourced, speciality-grade coffee
  • An independent British business Based in Shoreditch, London
  • Carbon-positive shipping Shipped free when you subscribe
  • 30 pods for £13.50 per month With your first box for £9.95
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Nespresso®'s Pods

  • Plastic and aluminium pods With 29,000 pods going to landfill every minute
  • Lower quality coffee Non-speciality grade coffee
  • Owned by Nestlé A Swiss conglomerate
  • Free delivery with 100 pods £4.95 standard delivery
  • 30 pods for £20 per month For a 30 pod Vertuo® subscription that is not compatible with your original style Nespresso® machine
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30 Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods

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30 Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods

Still not quite sure? Here's some FAQs.

And if these aren't enough, we've got a whole dedicated FAQs section waiting for you here.

Our coffee pods were the first in the UK to be certified home-compostable. They’re made from plants, will biodegrade faster than a banana peel, and an oxygen barrier keeps your coffee fresh for months.

Plastic and aluminium coffee pods take hundreds of years to break down. Ours are made from PHA, which uses only organic matter, meaning they don’t stick around.

We've been serving flat whites across London since before you could instagram them.

Our coffee beans are still roasted in our Roastery in London.

Grind x Henry Holland


The ritual of making meets the ritual of coffee.