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Get 50% off

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    To keep your coffee fresh and ready to be refilled once it's all gone.

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    Plastic-free, speciality-grade coffee pods. Compatible with your Nespresso®.

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Reasons to buy Grind?
We could name a few.

Grind pods

  • Better for the planet Home-compostable pods, free from plastic
  • Speciality-grade coffee Ethically sourced, speciality-grade coffee
  • An independent British business Based in Shoreditch, London
  • Carbon-positive shipping Shipped free when you subscribe
  • 30 pods for £13.50 per month With your first box for £9.95
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Nespresso®'s Pods

  • Plastic and aluminium pods With 29,000 pods going to landfill every minute
  • Lower quality coffee Non-speciality grade coffee
  • Owned by Nestlé A Swiss conglomerate
  • Free delivery with 100 pods £4.95 standard delivery
  • 30 pods for £20 per month For a 30 pod Vertuo® subscription that is not compatible with your original style Nespresso® machine
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The best deal
on the planet.

Our pods are constructed from bacterial fermentation - plastic-free and biodegradable whilst retaining freshness & shelf life.

Once you're finished with them, you can pop them in the bin and they'll disappear in weeks.

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Meet our blends

House Blend capsule

House Blend

  • Brazil flag
  • Guatemala flag
Light Blend capsule

Light Blend

  • Ethiopia flag
  • Peru flag
Dark Blend capsule

Dark Blend

  • Brazil flag
  • India flag
  • Uganda flag
Decaf capsule


  • Mexico flag
Long Blend capsule

Long Blend

  • Brazil flag
  • Guatemala flag
Edition Dark capsule

Edition Dark

  • India flag
Edition Light capsule

Edition Light

  • Ethiopia flag

Try Grind for 50% off your first order and 35% off your second & third.

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  • Completely compatible with your Nespresso® machine.

  • New and improved pods break down faster than ever.

  • Free refillable Grind tin with every order.

  • Save when you subscribe and recieve refills as you need them.

  • Refills are delivered letterbox-friendly and carbon-positive.

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