Grind coffee is not fair trade, but it is fairly traded.

Sam our Head of Coffee and Howey our Head Roaster work with farmers across the globe to keep the overall flavour profile of the Grind House Blend consistent from season to season, whilst also reflecting its’ origins. Even once harvested, the beans change every day. We taste the Grind House Blend daily to make sure it’s just the way we like it. Because we are a quality derived company, we work with importers who always pay farmers significantly more per kg than the Fairtrade price. 

Does Organic actually mean better? 

All the importers and farms we work with are environmentally responsible and 100% sustainable; in fact they’ve usually been family-run for at least 3 generations!
Organic certification is great, but costs a lot of money and in our opinion can sometimes encourage farmers to tick boxes rather than focus on sustainability.

Why do we use The Estate Dairy milk?

The Estate Dairy provides us with quality and consistent dairy produce for our baristas. They source their dairy from 2 farms in Bristol & Somerset which provide a unique blend of Guernsey and Jersey milk. 

Why do we use semi-skimmed milk?

In speciality coffee, we refer to anything that is not full fat milk as 'skinny'. Naturally, this means different things to different people, but for us at Grind 'skinny' means semi-skimmed. 
The reason is to do with how fat content affects our ability to create that gorgeous micro foam you all now and love on our milk drinks, as well as pouring that sexy latte art. Fully Skimmed milk has 1% fat content and the Semi-Skimmed milk we use is 1.7%, versus 4.7% for regular (Full cream) milk - allowing us to create a great tasting product we are happy with.