Grind Black Coffee

Grind Black Coffee

from 9.50

A one kilo bag of our latest Grind Black Blend - our rotating single origin coffee used for all black drinks in Grind locations. Whole bean, or ground to your preference.

Sourced, tasted and roasted at our HQ in Shoreditch.

Farm   Biftu Gudina Cooperative
Region   Jimma
Variety   Various heirloom varieties
Altitude   1900-2000m
Processing   Washed
Notes   Lime / Oolong Tea / Vanilla

After the excess and heavy flavours of Christmas time we’re always keen for some change come new year. This coffee embodies that rather delightfully - its flavours are clean, fresh and super vibrant.

The high florals and clean, bright citric notes are balanced really well with a vanilla-like biscuity sweetness at the end, making for a really complex and delicious espresso. 

It’s a high-grown Ethiopian coffee, so there are no surprises it’s this good, but it still makes us really happy!

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