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You made it. Below are the ways that we make Grind coffee at home, just before we go make Grind coffee at work. Everyone has their own coffee routines and rituals, and these ones are ours - share yours with us too on Instagram.

Grind Coffee Pods.

Make sure your Nespresso machine is topped up with water.

Water straight from the tap can be harmful for the inside of your machine, and water from a bottle can be harmful to just about everything else - so we recommend filtering it at home.

Add your Grind Coffee Pod to the machine, and press the button.
Oh, and make sure to place your cup underneath first. Some machines will let you do special settings for the size of the coffee you're making, but most just have a big cup or a little cup. One pod is roughly the same strength as a single-shot drinks in our locations - if you’d like a stronger coffee, closer to a double-shot, consider using two pods in your coffee. Whatever you choose be sure to let your coffee cool for at least sixty seconds before drinking. 

Maybe you take a little milk or sugar, maybe you're sweet enough.

You can take it from here. Remember, we can send you letterbox-friendly refills if you're running low - we'll even let you subscribe to them so you never run out.