Our top tips for making great latte art at home.

Ever wondered how your local barista does it? Take some time to practice these latte art tips and you'll be a professional in no time.

How to pour latte art at home:

1) Using your favourite Nespresso coffee capsule (Grind House Blend, obviously), make an espresso using the espresso option and not lungo.

2) Whilst that's 'brewing' or pouring froth the milk until there are air bubbles throughout and the milk has doubled in size - then pour into a jug with a spout if your milk frother doesn't have one.

2a) If you haven't got a milk frother, you can use a french press to pump air into your milk. Fill the press to half capacity and pump the lid up and down until the milk fills 2/3rds of the vessel.

3) Tap the vessel with milk onto the table 2-3 times to remove any extra bubbles.

4) Tilt the cup with coffee and slowly pour the milk into the middle. While pouring, swing your milk holding hand from side to side moving the direction of milk in the coffee cup, at the same time move the coffee cup up towards the milk with smooth short movements.

You're basically a pro barista now. Remember to tag us on social in your #Grindmoments #Mygrindathome

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