A coffee date with... Natasha

To celebrate our brand new look to the Grind blog, 'The Takeaway', we'll be introducing you to some of the Grind team so that you can find out more about the brains behind the brand. To get the coffee brewing, today we'll head over to our Design and Production Assistant, Natasha Sarkar.

A coffee date with... Natasha

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It's time to get intimate with the Grind team in our new series 'A coffee date with...'


Hey Tash, give us a little summary of yourself and how you wound up here at Grind?

Well as you know, I’m Tasha, I do all things design at Grind. I had a huge career change just before I hit 30, after doing 8 years in Fashion and Buying and honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the change… 

What's one thing we should know about you?

I'm a Stevie Wonder obsessive and I love coffee!


How long have you worked at Grind?

I’ve been here just over 7 or 8 months now. It has gone so fast but I already feel completely at home here. 


What would you do if you were Prime Minister for a day?

Crumble from the absolute pressure of this mess!  But I'd definitely make sure I took a moment to run through fields of wheat and make it a bit of a Prime Minister tradition. 

Artwork by Adam Frost.



Tell us about the strangest thing you own, or maybe it's the coolest, we're not sure... 

Currently, in the process of growing a little baby mango tree, anyone that knows me will know how obsessed I am with Indian and Pakistani mangos. 

"It reminded me of myself mid way through lockdown V2 (I think we all felt a little bit like it for the whole of 2020)"

Other than that, I recently bought a really fun piece from an amazing queer artist and fashion designer called Adam Frost. It reminded me of myself mid way through lockdown V2 (I think we all felt a little bit like it for the whole of 2020) but also the colour and energy are so great. I can’t wait to get it framed and put it up with all of my 1960’s Bollywood posters.


Tell us your favourite dish at Grind?

So it has and always will have to be the fried chicken sandwich as it is so satisfying! That being said a recent competitor has made an appearance, the Fritto Miso. I am an absolute seafood lover and it is just SO tasty, I've got to recommend. It transports you to places far beyond London, I close my eyes and pretend I can feel the Mediterranean sun on my skin and the sea breeze.


Do you think you could make it without the recipe?

Erm, totally? I would give it a good go! I love to cook, so would be a lot of fun for me.

I Don’t think I could do the Fritto Miso justice though, and the problem is the clean up is still your job, so nothing beats going out for it especially at Greenwich or London Bridge Grind


"I really feel for my neighbours, I might have to send them a pink tin of coffee to sweeten the relationship."


What's your favourite song to sing in the shower?

She’s a brave one… I have nothing, Whitney Houston. I give it everything and sound like I’m harmonising with the squabbling cats - I really feel for my neighbours, I might have to send them a pink tin of coffee to sweeten the relationship.

Girls on a swing having a nice time



Describe a typical day in your life, it can be as fun packed or mundane as you like but let's not make it a work day…

Love spinning around to some disco and soul or some live music in a pub or small venue. I also got outdoors and doing on some great walks along the coast somewhere, until I have burned enough to justify a roast dinner.


What's your favourite TV show of all time?

The Simple Life and Killing eve. Netflix refers to my taste as “TV shows with a strong female lead” which I can totally agree with. 




If you could swap lives with anybody for a day, who would it be?

Lizzo, Lizzo, Lizzo, imagine how much fun your life would be in one day whilst being an amazing person, I'd be a killer flute player and entertainer around the world? What could go wrong. And... remember my shower song? What an upgraded experience showering would be. 


During lockdown I think we all had our own rituals to staying sane, tell us about a time when coffee was part of building a routine?

There are far few thing worse than jet lag, when traveling or arriving home I have made it a ritual to always have a coffee to signal the morning for me, even if I am knackered. Wherever I am, it feels like a little taste of normality and resets me, double shot of House Blend will get me through the day.


Name three songs you currently can't stop playing...

My current rotation:

  • EVP - blood orange
  • Les Fleurs - Minnie Riperton
  • Just Friends - Misiq Soulchild


Got any famous last words…

Try anything at least twice!