Single Origin Filter - Rwanda Simbi

Single Origin Filter - Rwanda Simbi


A tin of the Grind Single Origin Filter. Whole bean, or ground to your preference. Sourced, tasted and roasted at our HQ in Shoreditch.

Farm Simbi Washing Station
Region Huye District
Varietal Red Bourbon
Altitude 1700m
Processing Washed
Notes Rioja, mandarin, dark chocolate

The award-winning Simbi washing station was established by coffee farmer and roaster Abdul Rudahunga, who now processes coffee from almost 1500 smallholder producers in the local area.

There's a heavy dark chocolate sweetness and a red-wine-like acidity, plus bright mandarin notes and complex florals, all resulting in a very balanced and multi-faceted filter coffee that really champions the best of what Rwanda has to offer.

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