Grind House Filter

Grind House Filter

from 9.50

A bag of the Grind House Filter, the same rotating single origin coffee we filter across the Grind stores. Whole bean or ground, as you like.

Sourced, tasted and roasted at our HQ in Shoreditch.

Farm   Shimu

Region   Kayanza Province

Variety   Bourbon & Typica

Altitude   1815m 

Processing   Washed

Notes   Fig / Dried Apricot / Cream

Last year we paired a Burundi filter coffee with steak for a tasting menu at London Coffee Festival, and we’ve basically been looking forward to the arrival of new Burundis since then! They have such a characteristic floral character and high fruit acidity, while still being really sweet and darkly spicy. 

This one has the complex floral fruitiness of figs, with lots of dried fruit notes, especially apricot and raisin. The texture is very creamy, and there’s a really sweet creamy, buttery flavour that lasts for a long time at the end - this year’s Burundis were definitely worth the wait!


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