Single Origin Espresso - Guatemala Finca La Torre

Single Origin Espresso - Guatemala Finca La Torre

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A tin of the Grind Single Origin Espresso. Whole bean, or ground to your preference. Sourced, tasted and roasted at our HQ in Shoreditch.

Farm   La Torre
Region   Acatenango Valley
Variety   Bourbon, Caturra
Altitude   1500m
Processing   Washed
Notes   Strawberry, White Chocolate, Hazelnut

Working in coffee is great! As the seasons shift we constantly have new coffees coming in from different places as their harvest time comes around. This is our first Central American of the year, with lots of classic attributes of that part of the world.

This coffee has loads of the heavy body and chocolatey sweetness we expect from Guatemala, balanced really nicely with a strawberry fruit note. The sweetness with this one is light, vanilla-like and creamy, giving it this great dessert-like quality. A Guatemalan was our first coffee when we started the roastery a year ago, and here we are coming back around a year later!


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