Single Origin Espresso - Colombia San Sebastian AA

Single Origin Espresso - Colombia San Sebastian AA

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A tin of the Grind Single Origin Espresso. Whole bean, or ground to your preference. Sourced, tasted and roasted at our HQ in Shoreditch.

Farm   San Sebastian farmers' cooperative
Region   Huila
Variety   Caturra & Colombia
Altitude   1500-1900m
Processing   Washed
Notes   Lime Zest, Cherry, Digestive Biscuit

Part of our current House Blend, this coffee arrived from Colombia tasting so amazingly fruity that we just had to showcase its on its own as well!

It starts with a big bright limey citrus note, which gives way to more of a more gentle cherry acidity, and the finish is biscuit, with lots of heavy syrupy mouthfeel. So basically it tastes like a key lime pie (!) with the zesty floral and citric highs balanced really well with the sugary, buttery sweetness at the end.

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