Grind House Decaf

Grind House Decaf


A bag of the Grind Decaf Espresso. Whole bean, or ground to your preference. Sourced, tasted and roasted at our HQ in Shoreditch.

Farm Lopez family farms
Region Pijao, Quindio
Varietal Caturra & Castillo
Altitude 1600-1800m
Processing Washed, then E.A. decaffeinated
Notes Honeycomb, Butter, Dark Chocolate

With this decaf our importers are making great steps to improve quality. They source the green beans specifically with decaffeination in mind, and the care they take really does translate to the final cup. 

The decaffeination process used to involve the use of lots of chemicals that were very environmentally damaging. These beans were decaffeinated using the E.A. (ethyl acetate) method, which uses sugar cane to start the process, as well as using far less water. 

The end result is a cup full of all kinds of sweetness; from light, sugary honeycomb to dark bitter chocolate, with a biscuit-like finish. 



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