Behind the Grind - Emilija, Senior Sous Chef at Exmouth Market Grind



Hey Emilija, so tell us how long you’ve been at Grind and what do you do here?
I've been working at Grind for 5 months now, at our Exmouth Market and I am Senior Sous Chef.

Did you always want to be a Chef?
I always loved cooking! So when I moved to London I needed a job and saw an opportunity at a burger restaurant and joined as a line chef. I worked my way up to Head Chef and decided this was a career for me.

At Grind around 40% of our kitchen teams are women (#girlpower!), what do you think are the advantages of being a female chef?
Being a female chef is really hard at the beginning, but I think it's important to have females in the kitchen as it adds balance - plus we are definitely more organised and tidier as chefs! 

How do you think we could encourage more women into the cooking industry?
It’s a really great place to learn life skills - for example I’ve learned so much about being in a team and multitasking - all really valuable things for life. 

Let's talk food! What's your favourite dish on the Grind Menu right now?
Ribeye steak - I’m a huge fan of steak. And the pancakes to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

Ok now a hard one, if you had to eat one cuisine for the rest of your life what would it be?
If I had to eat one cuisine it would be Thai food. I just love all the flavours and colours, it’s a very colourful cuisine.

Now back to you... What can we expect from you in the future?
I enjoy what I do, so hopefully growing with the company and maybe even one day becoming Head Chef…watch this space!

Danielle Borrett