Coffee at Grind in 2017

Hi everyone, 

I thought it important to explain why, from 1st April we have unfortunately had to increase our coffee prices.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly, and we have tried to keep this to a minimum, as we know that even small amounts add up on a daily purchase like coffee. We strive to make the best coffee in London, and that means importing the very best coffee beans to our Roastery in Shoreditch and employing highly skilled teams who we invest heavily in training and retaining to operate the very best equipment. 

From today, prices have increased by an average of 3%, 10p in most cases. Whatever happens, these coffee prices will now be fixed for at least the rest of this year. 

For various reasons the cost of making great coffee has risen significantly over the last six months. 

  • We buy coffee in dollars, so the weakened pound has led to coffee prices increasing by as much as 20%. On top of this, increased global demand for speciality coffee, climate change and the ever-present threats to coffee crops have also contributed to the underlying costs of green coffee rising significantly.

  • This month Business Rates are increasing by record amounts, in some of our locations by over 40%. 

  • Lastly, we have been on the receiving end of price rises from many of our own suppliers including basic inputs like paper cups and lids. 

We have done what we can to absorb these pressures over the past six months, becoming more efficient wherever we could whilst still continuing to deliver the best coffee in London. Because of these improvements we have been able to hold out for longer than most others. Today’s changes now bring our pricing in line with them.  

We want Grind to be somewhere you come every day, many times a day and at different times so we know it's really important that we are accessibly priced. 

We have therefore looked across the business to see if we could simultaneously reduce prices in some other areas, and as a result of streamlining some of our suppliers we have introduced new breakfast and dinner menus in many of our locations, reducing prices in many places, and we have also reduced the price of some cocktails. 

We realise that price changes hit our regular customers the hardest, so if you have one, please ensure you carry and use your Black Card with every visit. 

As a reminder, Grind is the only place to reward you for both coffee and cocktail purchases - with your Black Card or the Grind App you earn one point for every coffee and cocktail you buy, and each ten points can be redeemed for a coffee, one of our famous Espresso Martinis, or any other cocktail or hot drink. 

As a Black Card holder you'll also be entitled to exclusive offers, such as the 50% off breakfast and £5 cocktail offer we are currently running in Clerkenwell and Exmouth Market. 

Thankyou for your continued support, your custom, and your understanding. 

David Abrahamovitch

Founder, Grind. 

David Abrahamovitch