Marmite Love Cafe & One Day Remaining

For the next two days, we’re working with Marmite to host a concept café pop-up in Soho Grind - the Marmite Love Café. We’ve also just one day left on the Grind Bond.

We’ve seen more than a few concepts open up in the last year, especially over in Shoreditch, and were really excited when Marmite approached us to produce one in Soho Grind. Infamously divisive, Marmite have produced a new range of Summer of Love and Summer of Hate jars, with the brightly coloured Love jars available in the supermarket, and the dark Hate jars only available in limited numbers - and going for hundreds of pounds online.

In line with the message of love and hate, we’ve worked with Marmite to build the “Love-O-Meter” which measure the love you’re spreading on social media, and branding the user a Lover or a Hater, with free Marmite on toast for the Lovers. The space has also been completely transformed with a new summer of love vibe, the first and last time you’ll find a bead curtain in any Grind.

We’ve made the news with it in the Evening Standard and others.

If you find yourself in Soho in the next day or so, do join us for some Marmite on toast, or just a coffee. Our time crowdfunding here on Crowdcube comes to a close tomorrow, and we’re set on making our last day every bit as good as our first. We’ve raised £1,200,000 so far to build a coffee roastery and expand the Grind across London, and there are just over 24 hours remaining to make an investment and be a part of this story moving forward.

As ever, we’ll see you at the Grind.


CEO & Co-Founder

David Abrahamovitch