£750,000 in 20 days.

On late Sunday night, we were ecstatic to see the Grind Bond hit it’s funding target of £750,000. After just 20 days, we’ve raised the full three-quarters of a million that we’d hoped for - that’s one pound for every coffee we’ll serve this year.

We’d like to thank every last one of you that has invested in the bond, maybe shared it with a friend, or just spoken about it at work -  we’ve been blown away by the support we’ve received in the last three weeks and couldn’t have reached this milestone without every single one of you.

However, this chapter of the Grind story is far from over - We are going to continue ‘overfunding’ with the Grind Bond for another three weeks, all the way up to our 200% cap at £1.5m.

As ever, we’ll see you at the Grind.


CEO & Co-Founder

David Abrahamovitch