Our First Week on Crowdcube

Thank you to every one of you that has invested in the Grind Bond so far. With your support, we reached half of our target in less than three days after our launch, and have now raised £467k in seven days. It’s been great to see the investments come in, to hear your words of support, and to see lots of pieces about the bond in the papers and online.

As a young, rapidly growing business, every week at Grind is different and exciting, and this one’s been a particularly busy one. Along with being one of the biggest weeks on records in terms of sales, we also:

Launched a New Evening Menu at London Grind - our restaurant.

We launched our new London Grind Summer Evening Menu. Head Chef Mauro has come up with some fantastic new dishes, including Pan-Fired Miso Soy Cod (my new favourite evening dish!) and Grilled Wild Trout which is served with fennel and dried tomato. If you haven’t been for dinner at London Grind, or even if you have, now is a great time to go.

Were Shortlisted for a Design Award at Holborn Grind

We also received news that Holborn Grind, which opened it in October last year, has been shortlisted the for prestigious Restaurant and Bar Design Award, which we’ll be watching closely later this year. Holborn Grind, with it’s marble bar and enormous bespoke brass shelving structure, was a big step up, both in style and ambition, for us. We were honoured to be nominated earlier this year, and are really proud to now be shortlisted.

Visited our Proposed Roastery Space Again

We’ve been back for another visit to our proposed Roastery space in East London again, and this time we took the wider team down so they could see the space. The site is incredible, and we’ve been starting to sketch out layout plans for how exactly we see the space coming together. We are progressing the offer process and couldn’t be more excited about the space we have found - it’s going to be fantastic!

Hosted Silicon Drinkabout at Shoreditch Grind

On Friday night, Shoreditch Grind hosted Silicon Drinkabout, a tech industry networking event that has expanding internationally, and gained an almost cult status since it started on the roundabout a few years ago. The industry came out in droves, and the bar was packed with support for our Busk For The Bond event, for which we invited friends to the Grind to perform live in support of the Grind Bond - thank you to every one of you who came down and made it such a great evening.

Secured @Grind on both Twitter and Instagram

This week, we got in touch with friends at Instagram and Twitter in the U.S. - who secured for us @grind on both platforms, which will grow to become channels for news on the Grind moving forward. Both platforms are notorious for the difficulty of securing generic usernames - and we’re really happy to have these finally in our possession.

Many thanks for your support, and please keep the Investments and Questions coming in!


CEO & Co-Founder

David Abrahamovitch