Black is the new Black

We've been taking a new look at our Black Card this month. You're hopefully all familiar with one, it's our loyalty card - giving you every 10th coffee free, and £5 cocktails every Monday. It can also be used at any Grind across London, including the new London Grind, where the Grind House Blend and infamous Espresso Martinis have made it south of the river for the first time

Earlier this year, someone asked us why they could get points for coffee, but not the for the coffee in our cocktails? We weren't sure either, so now you can receive and redeem points on all our Espresso cocktails. Yes, that means those 10 coffees you drink over the week can get you a free cocktail in on Friday night, or vice versa the following morning. Not that we recommend drinking 10 Espresso Martinis in one sitting.

See you at the Grind.

David Abrahamovitch