Grind NYE

Apparently Christmas started on the 1st November this year, and we're not sure we can remember a time where there weren't Christmas songs playing everywhere. Have you seen About A Boy? Yeah, basically that.

As hard as it is to imagine, this won't last forever, and in a few weeks time we'll be in the annual six day hangover that is Boxing Day until New Years Eve. What's really scary is that in less than a month it'll be 2016 - that's literally ten years since JT brought sexy back and that whale swam up the Thames.

Still, 2015 hasn't been so bad - there's a killer restaurant on the Southbank that wasn't there last year - and for the first time, we've decided to close the year out! London Grind will be hosting the Grind New Year in our usual style - that means no ridiculous prices, no tickets, plenty of prosecco.

We've also got another four amazing sites across London that you're welcome to host your own in - get in touch at

We'll see you at the Grind in 2016.

David Abrahamovitch