Take Another Little Pizza my Heart

Late last year, an idea came to us in a dream and we decided to buy vintage bicycles and cycle from one end of Italy to the other in a quest for spiritual and culinary enlightenment, writing about the people we met and places we experienced, and quenching our thirst for adventure and wanderlust. We were even going to write a blog about it.

Unfortunately, we had things to be getting on with, so we watched this video and bought an oven instead. The good news is, we now serve £6 sourdough pizzas in Shoreditch Grind and my god - they are good! There's even a vegan one.

We've also gone and bought a load of really nice marble tables because they look better on Instagram, and in anticipation of summer we're building a new outdoor bar out the back. Shoreditch Grind - it's going to be a good 2016!

Shoreditch Grind is open for Pizza and cocktails until 11pm Monday to Thursday, 1am Friday and Saturdays and 7pm Sundays. 

See you at the Grind!


Grind Admin