Cocktail Bartenders

Salary: £8-9 per hour starting wage
Benefits: Staff food & discounts, socials & parties, regular training, personal progression and development plus much more
Location: Locations across London - Shoreditch, Soho, Holborn, London Bridge, Covent Garden, City of London.

David and Kaz started Grind & Co. in 2011, wanting somewhere to hang out when they weren’t working - or even when they were - and could get a proper cup of coffee like in Melbourne, Kaz’s home town.  Grind now has seven sites across central and east London, each smashing out coffee, cocktails and food day to night, and we've just moved int our new HQ, roastery and training lab in Shoreditch.

All of the Grind's are cocktails bars, serving small and seasonal lists of ultra high quality cocktails, and of course our signature Espresso Martini, regularly declared as the best in London.  Our bars vary in size and style from the smallest, Soho Grind, which has a hidden basement cocktail bar beneath the streets of Soho serving a bespoke cocktail menu 6 nights a week in an intimate environment; to the largest, at our flagship restaurant London Grind, a riverside restaurant and cocktail bar housed in a former bank at 2 London Bridge, above Borough Market. 

As a cocktail bartender we expect the usual; someone who can keep their cool, have fun and make amazing cocktails, fast! We have both full-time and part-time roles available, with plenty of opportunity for development and training, including menu design and management training.

If this gets you going we would love to hear from you! Send your CV and a cover letter to

We'll see you at the Grind.